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I know you're skeptical so let's cut to the chase...

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From: The Desk of Patrick Ogidi
Social Media Consultant, Author & Work At Home Advocate
Re: You Too Can Earn As Much As 150k Per Month From Home.


Dear Fellow Work At Home Enthusiast, 

Can I ask you just 3 questions?

Do you still slave at a 9 to 5 job (or should we say 9 to 7 these days?)

Are you still lost at finding the easiest and cost effective escape route out of the present economy crouch?

You've probably tried everything within your powers to liberate yourself, but each action and effort you make seems to even get the situation worse!

Would you like to set up a flourishing business that generates THOUSANDS of dollars in revenue for you - every single month - even if all you do after you set it up is laze around or spend your time anyhow you like?

If you answer to any of the questions above is 'YES',

I Have A Good News For You

You can truly have the freedom you want, and make a pile of money by starting  your own simple online business!

Imagine... raking in autopilot income while you sleep...simply because you spent 30-45 minutes a day applying this amazing discovery and doing a little work.

FACT: People will literally be piling money into your account for you all day!


You must bear this in mind though!

If you're looking for some kind of hyped stories by people promising to show you how to make millions overnight, this is NOT it!


… if you’re actively looking for a way to start earning big money, from skills you probably already have, so that you can break free of the rat race and start getting somewhere in life then you’ve probably heard a legitimate internet business holds the key.

And you know what? There’s no doubt that it absolutely does.

You may doubt it... but I'll prove you otherwise?

Just to give you an insight into what I'm talking about and how I do it, so you know it's 100% legitimate, I've added a real-life screenshots showing some sections of my bank accounts. Yes, I'll not even show all of my accounts mind you because I don't like doing it - showing off!

Well, that's by the way! I only felt like I should do it this time since you may have bumped into this page by accident and may just be wondering if I'm one of them... You know what I mean.

Okay, let me show you what one of my accounts look like while I was having a one month off, enjoying myself in the country side.

That's N77,500! Normal income from this same business in barely 2 days.

It continued in the same way...

The earning spree continued, even in my absence! For reasons of space, all the screenshots could not enter here. Click here for the rest of the proofs; and if you are satisfied with this one you can keep reading.

That's close to N.5 Million in less than 30 days... The most interesting part been that all these happened when I was even away from the city for a month holiday ... And this is just ONE of my many accounts!

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Wao! Could He Be Different?

Now that you've seen what's possible, I'm sure you're wondering how you too can begin to earn the same amount of big bucks right?

Are you?

Then what I'm about to share is most likely the exact thing that's been holding you back. 

My name is Patrick Ogidi and not so long ago, I was EXACTLY where you are now.

I had my head in my hands, exhausted, frustrated, sick and tired of being pushed around by harsh economic conditions.

If you ever saw me, you would swear I was on drugs because my eyes were swollen and so red from staring at a computer screen all day while searching for a way out online.

I could have quitted, but... I was quite convinced that 9 to 5 rat race wasn't just the right answer; I desperately needed stability, something I can run from home and never have to answer 'yes sir' to any boss! In fact, I hate using that word 'BOSS' on anyone except for myself! No offence to the bosses LOL!

You see, the world was almost let loose on me. Everything seemingly worked against me!

Needless to say... 

...I Desperately Needed A Way Out; Of Course, I Needed It FAST!

In the course of my trial and error expedition, I discovered something.

Something, you’d never want to wait another second to learn. Something you'd wish you had known some few weeks back.

This same gist you're longing to read about now, helped me establish and run series of my growing Internet Businesses, most of which originated from the very business model I want to tell you about here.

I now have all the time to live the life of my dream... Sure I am!

And when I'm not at the computer, I'm having fun outdoors - jogging, traveling, meeting new people, trying new things out... yep, all those... and money keeps dripping into my bank account like you saw above..

Sounds Too Good To Be True Right?

If my guess is right, this is not your first time reading a letter like this. It's easy for many people to talk big online. But HOW MANY of them have proofs to back it up?  

"So Before We Go On, Please Allow Me To Prove Myself To You A Little Bit. . ."

Have a look at this;

You care for more ?

Yet another one from Nigeria’s 'Brain Tracy'...

Do You Read Success Digest Extra? Then, You Should Know Mr. Expert Host;

"And Here's Something Else You May Want to Read About Me."

I Got Ripped Off And I Failed Badly!

When I first started out online,  I barely knew how to hold a mouse, and practically didn't know anything about the internet  prior to my joining the work at home circle - with no computer of my own (only had access to the internet from a public cyber cafe, where I pay exorbitant fees!).

I got ripped off numerous times, chasing after empty promises and as a result I almost threw in the towel after out about 6 months.

I bought into lots of courses and joined uncountable number of make money online programs over that first year, but they all seemed to promise me it would be easy, however when I followed their methods, they just didn't work!

... I can vividly remember paying as high as N15,000 ($97) for a product advertised by one guy, and all I got was an exact copy of a crappy product I already have. And the worst of it... I borrowed that money from my church Pastor as he was the only person willing to give me a listening ear.

It continued year of groping in the dark and walking into bumps, I finally cracked the code to Internet income riches, so to speak. Not without cost and errors, obviously.

...Believe me if I tell you that's not the smart way to do it. I can promise you a simple and highly profitable, easy to follow system that makes me great money online that anyone can very easily replicate...it's really not that hard.

Now don't get me wrong: bragging is NOT my thing; and I am definitely not trying to impress you. But I hope you've finally accepted me as someone worth listening to. 

Or maybe, you'll spare me some more time to really tell you how I broke even... (I bet you, it will interest you!)

The Turning Point for Me... Just Like An Action Movie!

So to cut to the whole story short, I spent almost 9 months battling away, serving as a testing ground for the so called gurus, trying new ideas, testing things out, and eventually I created a formula that worked, which you're about to learn below.

I'll never forget my very first N100,000 online!. Till date, it still seems to me like it's action movie. What I actually did wasn't anything special though, it was only a little twist, but it paid off big time. (more on this later)

After the first N100k, I thought it might still be by chance, but then the next month, it happened again, then again, and ever since then, it has always been so.

I then replicated what I did with other closer protégé of mine, just to make sure it wasn't luck, and sure enough it worked too, same thing again, this time, the guy even made N127,000 - that's some N27,000 above my very first online cake!

Here's what he has to say unsolicited;

Yes, the guy was then an under graduate of one of the higher institutions in the country.

You can imagine how excited I was after the strong conviction that I've discovered it, because it proved to me that this system really worked and it wasn't just chance. It worked for me! It's working for others too.

It was then that I realized what had happened, I had cracked it, I had worked out how to bring everything together into the perfect system, I now call this formula of mine...150k Per Month System.

Making Money Online From Home is Easy When You Know the Secrets to it...

When I look back at the initial effort I made to break even in online business, I can immediately detect why they never made me a dime. It's so obvious to me now, but until I had the experience I couldn't see the road block to them making cash.

With that, I arrive at the conclusion that making money online, like it's the case with every other businesses, has got some hit-at-the-head secrets without which, you'd be only groaning in the dark. Without this secret, you're more like someone traveling from Nigeria to London by foot! Though by dint of miracle, you might get there, but the question is: Will you be welcome in London as a human or some kind of strange animal?

What are these secret... I hear you ask?

There must be that Determination to Succeed. This is like the driving force that keeps you going even when quitting is the next thing on mind.

Hunger to start it RIGHT.

You must have a MENTOR. A mentor makes the journey easier for you..

You need to be able to Copy & Paste.

You need to be able to Smile to the Bank.

Sure, that’s really 5 simple steps, but the fifth, though seems too unserious should be your favorite… Isn’t it?

The problem I face these days is finding enough time to attack the markets I want to, because there are just so many of them I want to enter, the potential is endless. I just choose another niche, apply the formula and it works!

Now Let's Face It!!

You’ve probably figured it out and you're pretty convinced by now that lot of guys are making tons of cash from the internet legitly, working from home. But chances are that, like it was my case when I was starting out, you may have tried to start up something yourself, but probably did not make headway.

And if that guess is something to go by, it could probably be one or more of the following reasons:

You’re afraid your present job doesn’t give you’re a breathing space.
You’re afraid you may need to empty your bank account to start a business!
You’ve probably bought into loads of craps littered here and there and you’re suffering from what is generally referred to as ‘Information Overload’. Yes, I was a victim until recently I cracked the escape route code.

Listen, I know it’s frustrating when you’re standing on the outside looking in. I feel you. I’ve worn the same shoe before and I exactly know where it pinches.


What if I could change all of that for you?
What if I could have you making at least N150,000 from a very sure business I’ll never stop doing even if I take over from Methuselah as the oldest man that has ever lived. Mind you, I said at least, because you could scale up and quadruple that amount. I do it! You saw the proofs earlier...
What if I could show you the easiest way you can start this biz right away, right under the pokey nose of your boss if you’ve got one, and yet be making enough pay monthly. Yes, enough pay to tempt you to DUMP YOUR JOB, if you really want to.

I bet you, it’s so damn easy that I wonder why employees didn’t think of it before taking up that job!

So let's roll on with the good stuff, which is how my discovery is going to help you right away, shall we?

I Must Sound This Note Of Warning Though!

I strongly believe that YOU (yes, you) - or anyone - can also achieve a substantial degree of Internet Marketing success if you really want to

The reason I say this is so you don't think you have to be good at technical stuff like web design or exceptionally clever to make great money online, I'm a living proof of that, and I'm still going to proof it to the last letter.

Whether you had any previous experience & expertise or not. In my own case, I had no more than basic computer skills - Check and reply to emails, visit websites.
And it certainly doesn't matter how old or young you are too! A student of mine, Ikechukwu, was only 18 when he first started online.
And it certainly doesn't matter how much time you have!

I'll Show You What To Do Differently...


150k Per Month System

Why 150k...? and not some hundreds of millions like you've probably read from other people

Well the reason is simple!

Like you must have been convinced by now, I'm not in the league of hypey marketers who are good in quoting high figures to lure newbies and cart away with their money.

As a matter of fact, if you've been reading Success Digest Newspaper, (Nigeria's No. 1 Wealth Empowerment Newspaper), you must have seen series of my articles lashing on these con artists. 

You see, as I write now, my earnings from this system has almost quadruple that figure monthly. 

And you ask... Since he makes more money, why then did he guarantee 150k and not exactly the figure he earns from the business?

Okay, I've basically used that figure to actually prove that anyone that follows this course not only get to skip out all that hard work of trying to figure out how to create profitable online business that I toiled with for almost 13 months...but will guaranteedly make them a minimum of N150k every 30 days, even if they are lazier than I am.

That is; when worse comes to worst like they say.

If you can follow basic instructions, can type on a keyboard and click your mouse, then you qualify to be able to use this system. The hard part is in working out the system, but I've already done that and I'm giving it to you, so you don't have to go through what I went through. That's fair enough I guess!

150k Per Month System is a step-by-step video home study course designed for complete beginners who have no idea how to start internet business.

The information contained in 150k Per Month System will save you stress, and loss.

My only concern will be “WILL YOU USE IT?”

I'm making quadruple that figure monthly from this business and it keeps going up! You saw the proofs earlier. Didn't you?

However, if you're ready to start using this system right away, I should let you know one thing that must surely happen to you.

Your Friends Are Going to Be Instantly Jealous Of You!

Yes, they may even call you all sorts of names and liken you to these '419' scammers. My friends see the money I make these days, and when I tell them, I do nothing illegal, they're baffled. In fact, some of them are insanely jealous when they see everything about me changing, while they're stuck at their 9-5 job!

Are you stuck too?

You see this is truly is the best business model I've ever heard of. Tell me another business where;

I can get out of bed when I like and NOT to an alarm clock.

I can literarily spend all my day playing video game (Oh, I love that game so much!

Gosh! Am I been a little bit hypey here? No of course. I just have to tell you this in advance so you don't get mad when you start experiencing them.

Oh Pat! I Want This 150k Per Month System Right Now.

I'll show you every single aspect of my System so you can easily create a cash pulling online business in no time. 

What's N150k Per Month Business all about you asked?

In simple terms, it's all about churning out short reports on different niches/areas that solve peoples' pressing problems.... and smiling to the bank. That's easy!

And here are the reasons:

They’re “hot” from an online business perspective for a ton of reasons you'll discover in a moment.
They cost nothing to produce, they sell like hot cakes, it’s a crazy-easy market to break into, it’s simple to build endless streams of income, they offer the fastest and safest way to start a full time online business…
…and anyone can succeed virtually overnight regardless of prior experience or skills.
Develop your own high-demand short-reports in less than 24 hours.
Completely research and produce a full professional short-report every 24 hours that people want to buy? Impossible? Discover why it’s not only possible, it’s easy!
…you can start and run this business right under the nose of your boss.
Develop your own high-demand short-reports in less than 24 hours.
Completely research and produce a full professional short-report every 24 hours that people want to buy? Impossible? Discover why it’s not only possible, it’s easy!

They cost nothing to buy compared to a traditional book or course. They are easy to find because they usually contain very specific information. The information they do contain is more likely to be relevant and up to date than any other source. But most of all, in today’s hectic world of pressurizing time constraints…

…a short report is always the fastest way possible for the buyer to get the information they seek!

All this and yet most inexperienced online entrepreneurs are failing to seize the opportunity to get their share of the profits, while most smart online entrepreneurs are laughing all the way to the bank…

…and you can join them right away because the market is sizzling and its so huge with such scope for expansion that even now it may as well be considered untapped!

Previous experience with content creation or website design, working in the realm of short reports means no messing with tricky HTML programming or having to be a professional writer.
A huge marketing budget, with short reports you won't need a massive financial outlay, in fact you can get started for less than N6,000.
A massive amount of time, again with short reports you can crank them out no matter what your time constraints are, even if you have very little time to dedicate to this, don't worry, this is totally within your reach. That's to say that, you can even do this business right under the nose of that your bossy Oga!

Woaa Pat! Since I won't need all these, let me into the 150k Per Month System right now.

You don’t need writing skills. You don’t need graphic design skills. You don’t need marketing skills. You don’t need money and you don’t need experience. All you need to succeed is one thing and one thing only:

Complete step-by-step instructions on what to do and how to do it from scratch.

And that’s what you get in crystal clear format thanks to “N150K Per Month System

You’ll be amazed at how fast and easy it is to make money straight away when you learn how to:

Use insider tricks for creating unique and amazing content on the go.
Can’t write or design graphics to save your life? Prepare to be blown away the moment you discover just how absurdly simple it is to create amazing content with no prior skills!
Find exceptional content that makes it easy to consistently build your own.
You’ll never be left wondering “what next?” With these expert content sourcing methods you’ll be pumping short-reports out left right and center with ease and on virtual autopilot.
Drive floods of laser-pin pointed niche-specific buyers to your sales funnel.  Find niches filled to the brim with frenzied buyers and learn the tricks that lure them to your products with open wallets and an eagerness to empty them into yours!
Build an up-sell machine that multiplies your profits sale by sale!  Experts know the BIG money is made by “up-selling” each sale and growing a list of eager future buyers. Get ready for a profit avalanche as we demystify the process!


When you grab your copy of the N150k Per Month System today, you'll have access well thought out to 8 life changing, information crammed modules wrapped in a home study course video that will take you by the hand and show you how to profit wildly from your own short reports.

You'll be shown in step by step how to create your own money producing short reports from scratch even if you've never created a short report before and best of all you'll be shown how to produce them at lightning quick speed even if you can't type to save your life.


No Stone Is Left Unturned, No Detail Is Left Out!

You will get everything that you need to start putting your short reports to work for you as soon as you want it.

You get the entire plan laid out right in front of you to copy and rinse and repeat as many times as you like. The sky really is going to be your stepping stone once you know this system, it's up to you how much you want to earn using it. After all, the 150k I gave is just a benchmark!

Plus I teach you everything right from the very beginning to the last (except how to enjoy your money LOL!)

...what more could you ask for?

Okay, maybe a crazy in-depth illustration into how easy this business is, plus how to get on the train as soon as you lay your hands on the video course even if you don't have a dime of an idea on your head; this is the same step I use to rake in over N500,000 monthly and I can bet.!

To make this decision even easier for you and make it more of a no brainer, I'm also going to throw in a few extra bonuses too. At least to further show you I'm damn too serious in seeing you succeed in this very fail-proof system!

Here are the bonuses you will be getting when you order.

Are you excited already? l can see you're already salivating to have access to these videos so you can watch them and swing to action immediately... 

But this particular two bonuses will strictly be available for the first 25 early birds who place their order before  

... (I'm very much concerned about the number and I've just explained why below!)


Fast Mover's Bonus 1:

(Value - N42,000)

My Gun In The Head Marketing Magic That's Responsible For My Selling Over 243 Copies of My Last Short Report In 30 Days On Facebook.

Yes, I've got a jealously guided techniques I use to get my short reports right in front of the target audience . 

To be honest with you, I'm the only person using using this deadly technique at the moment and I don't ever let it out to people no matter how much I'm offered. But I think I'll relax that rule and share it with the first 25 fast action takers who orders before

With this method, I don't necessarily worry about cashing in fast from my short report. All I do is press the buttons, and some reactions start taking place in my bank account.

A fan that has been following me unnoticed on Facebook has this to say;


Fast Mover's Bonus 2:

(Value = $97 here but yours free!)

How to Become An Amazon Publisher & Turn Your eBooks Into Hard Cover For Free And Make More Money For Life.

Amazon is the world's largest online retailer, where authors submit their original manuscript and it's converted to a physical book and then sold to the world.

It's the easiest way to become an author if you don't have the thousands it costs to publish your book. Apart from giving you increased exposure, publishing your boost on Amazon boosts your credibility, and provide you with an additional stream of income.

So, how does this apply to our 150k Per Month System?

Simple... Using the tips on this bonus ebook you'll get if you are among the 25 fast action movers, you can simply submit your ebook to Amazon and have it listed on their marketplace in as little as 24 hours.

Wao, what a free way to Become A Published Author, Literally Overnight?

Check out a student of mine doing it already.

So there you have it, everything you need to start creating and cashing in on a 150k Per Month System of your own.

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I Need Not To Say This!

I'll honestly advice that you stop falling for the deceptive promises of making over night wealth, or some secret loophole that will make you a millionaire in a few weeks, you're better off putting your money on lottery or gambling. I swear!

However, if that's what you want, then fair play to you, but I'm offering a real business plan for online success!


Okay, How Much Then?

I can sense what you have in mind at this time!


Before you jump into conclusion and maybe thinking you'll need to break a bank before taking advantage of this first of its kind offer, I want to do something that's very unusual. So pay rapt attention to this part!

I'm aware you've already spent much trying to figure out how to get started with making money legitimately from the internet, coupled with the harsh economic conditions.

You've already wasted much of your hard earned cash on buying e-books and software that don't help you but leave you poorer than you were.

I bet you, what ever the price of this goldmine is, it's way less than what you'd pay for a single e-book

or for some internet marketing seminar with from some self acclaimed guru.

So, I decided to sell access to The 150k Per Month System for N14,500 ($97)

No misprint... that's the real worth considering the fact that I'm handing you a ticket to print cash. The reason I say this is because the course is worth so much more! Imagine a tutorial that takes you all through the way and shows you all it takes to start making a minimum of N150k monthly from the comfort of your home, office or even from cyber cafe.

But, then I had another thought... a better one even!


Irresistible Special Offer:

Because I want to take off every reason that could make you not get on this business right away, I decided to let you have access to the 150k Per Month System course plus all the bonuses for N6,000 only if you place your order before

Click Here To Get Your 150k Per Month System Now!


That's fair enough I guess?

But you know the best part?

I've covered you with a rock solid guarantee, and have taken all the risk upon my shoulder such that, there's zero risk for you at all...

My friend...the truth of the matter is, I'm only talking about you creating your first income stream because that's where it all changes for most people and that's what you MUST do in order to begin on the path to creating a consistent and reliable monthly income...

You'll see me in the videos literally doing the techniques, I tell you to go here and do this etc....it's not theory, I do it on screen for you to watch, so everything you need is covered and nothing is left to guess work.

I make over the 150k every single month, and it took me a lot of hard work to figure this formula out, and I'm giving you the entire thing to copy and you get a full 90 day, 100% money back guarantee too, all for the small one time investment of only N6,000 ($40) 


Here's 7 More Reasons to Grab 150k Per Month System NOW!

1. “150k Per Month” is a completely self-contained guide that acts like your own personal home success mentor... Believe me!

2. It gives you everything you need in one convenient and clear guide that is guaranteed to take you by the hand and walk you down the path to financial freedom…

3. There is no monthly fee, just one low payment of N6,000 ($40).

4. You have a full 90 days to try out my course and if for any reason at all you don't like it you can simply refund and get ALL YOUR MONEY back. You can ask anyone that knows me too well about this part!

5. There is so much potential selling short reports as it's the fastest way to make money online.

6. Investing in this report entitles you my life long support. What it means is that I'll always be there to give you the needed support you may need to climb to the top. Place your order today and be entitled to my 24 hours mentorship, you'll get my personal email and chat ID where you can reach me anytime any day.

7. You can order any time of the day or night, and get your product within minutes of placing your order.


That's all from me, thanks for your time and you'll hear from me again in the course!

Patrick Ogidi

P.S. Please note - If you're seeing a N6,000 price tag, it's not going to last. The official price for this is N14,500, but I'm running a test right now, and it will end on  . It will revert to it's original price of N14,500 at any time...

P.S.S. Stop thinking and act now! Grab this opportunity with both hands before time runs out and you get left behind!

P.S.S.S. Don't forget all the risk is on me, because you can grab my entire course right now and be watching the videos in minutes and if you don't like it for any reason whatsoever, you get all your money back. All it takes is a quick email to me and I will effect the refund. I'm not hard to reach either.

Order with confidence

It really is that simple - so just click the link below, and I'll get you started:

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